• Nature

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Kinder to nature

We respect our environment and all that inhabit it.

We strive to do everything possible to be as nature-friendly as we can be.

All our ingredients are organic.

We only use natural fertilisers and farming practices.

Our tea gardens actively promote forest friendly environments.

100% natural tea cup

100% biodegradable packaging, 100% plastic free packaging.

All elements of our packs are recyclable or home compostable.

Recyclable Bags diagram

Plastic is a no no.

You won’t find a scrap of plastic anywhere in our packaging.

The clear cellulose inner bag is actually home compostable. Feel free to bury it in your garden. You won’t harm a thing.

All our tea bags are unbleached and entirely plastic free. We’d rather double bag than use plastic sealants and our pyramid tea bags are made from PLA.

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Treating everyone fairly.

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Greenypeeps is committed to treating everyone fairly. We respect our farmers and what they do by ensuring fair prices for their harvests.