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The grower

It all begins with people like Albert (and 99 other small holders). Albert lives in the Hiniduma region in southwest Sri Lanka, on a 3 acre smallholding sitting adjacent to ancient, UNESCO listed rainforest.

Farmer illustration
Rainforest trees

He wakes every morning to tend his crop of tea plants and fruit trees growing in harmony with the rainforest. Albert is careful to handpick only the most tender young leaves. These leaves from the lowlands of Hiniduma will give a tea blend natural body and rich colour.

Seed illustration Flower illustration

The tea factory

Once a week Albert, like the other local small holders, will take his leaves to the Galaboda tea factory to be graded, sorted and dried. The leaves are handled delicately to preserve as much of the flavour, oils and antioxidants as possible. Galaboda is a family-owned business, with 75 years of tea making experience, committed to procuring the finest organic teas from local community growers.

Galaboda factory
Farmer drinking illustration

The tea master

Our own tea masters make regular journeys to Galaboda to purchase quality tea batches in person. A lifetime’s experience goes into grading tea by smell, colour and texture. Every batch is then blended with other leaves to provide the best tasting cup in it’s class.

Your contribution

We are proud to support Albert and his community through our shared passion and commitment to quality tea for you to enjoy. By drinking Greenypeeps tea you are doing your bit to support Albert and his friends too.

Hand holding a cup of tea