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When it comes to the climate and specifically greenhouse gases, we strongly believe that you should REMOVE MORE THAN you CREATE.

What are you on about?

Greenhouse gases are emitted during the lifecycle (from leaf to cup and beyond) of any product. The increased presence of these gases is heating up the planet.

Our climate infographic
CO2 emission image

How much we capture.

Greenypeeps has scrupulously measured the greenhouse gas cost of each of our teas. For example, we’ve calculated that a 20 bag carton of our peppermint tea releases 1.48 kg CO2e.

For every pack we produce we have committed to capturing 4 kg CO2e through carbon credits. That’s carbon negative.

Greenypeeps invests in capturing MORE THAN TWICE the greenhouse gas that we produce.

What happens next?

We define which projects our carbon credits go to. One such project is the establishment and operation of two small hydro electric power projects located in the Hapugastenne tea estate near Kandy.

This project delivers zero-emission, renewable energy to the national grid of Sri-Lanka, replacing the equivalent of over 5,000 tonnes of oil being burnt every year.

That’s got to be good for us all.

Climate mill illustration

carbon negative = climate positive