Calming Tea
30g (1.5g x 20 bags)
Also available in value packs 100g (2.0g x 50 bags)

Camomile Tea

A fresh and pure tea. It’s gentle, warming floral character is supported by subtle, fruity notes.

What’s in the bag?

100% organic and Fairtrade camomile flowers. The flowers are gently harvested by hand as they bloom over several months for a fuller flavour.

Standard pack size: 30g (1.5g x 20 bags)
Also available in value packs 100g (2.0g x 50 bags)

The perfect brew will be…

A smooth straw-like, golden yellow colour to clear and calm your mind.

Carbon impact...

Our carbon cost ~ 1.37 kg CO2e per 20 ct pack.

Our carbon capture investment ~ 4.00 kg CO2e per 20 ct pack.

Net impact ~ we remove 2.63 kg CO2e from the atmosphere with every Camomile Tea 20 ct pack.

Additional notes

The Camomile flower has a fascinating history as a folk medicine. Derived from the Greek, ‘Khamaimelon’ which translates literally as ‘earth apple’, so named because of its appley aroma.

It is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind (pre-dating early Roman times). It also makes a fine cuppa.

Tea bag image
Camomile tea picture


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