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3% of sales

Greenypeeps invests 3% of all sales to fund local projects that support local communities and restore their ecosystems.

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One project we have directly helped set up is the Hiniduma Project. This provides the resources and infrastructure for local farmers to plant and care for new rainforest trees.

Through our work on the Hiniduma project, we assist communities and support the naturally rich ecosystems in many ways:

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We engage and train local communities

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We plant new trees to capture more CO2 and reduce greenhouse gases

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We encourage communities to allow the rainforests natural abundance of plants and animals to thrive

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We are linking low areas of precious rainforests by protecting existing and planting new trees, giving the monkeys a bigger, better playground!

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We help the community support to themselves through programmes on growing sustainable crops (fruits etc.) and sustainably harvesting trees of medicinal value.

So far 80,000 trees have been planted and the project aims to expand to up to 20,000ha, which in turn will financially support up to 1,500 families.

Every cup of Greenypeeps tea you drink directly helps these farmers to plant and nurture new trees, strengthen local communities and help protect Sri Lanka’s rich ecosystem in all it’s glory!