Revitalising Tea Award Revitalising Tea
30g (2.0g x 15 bags)
Also available in value packs 80g (2.0g x 40 bags)

Revitalising Tea

A lively, energetic tea. Sweet, minty fresh… This tea is perfectly suited to the morning ‘pick-me-up’ or the afternoon ‘get-me-through-to-dinner’ cuppa.

What’s in the bag?

An intriguing blend of fresh mint from Egypt and lip-smacking liquorice from India. Nature’s own pick’n’mix.

Standard pack size: 30g (2.0g x 15 bags)
Also available in value packs 80g (2.0g x 40 bags)

The perfect brew will be…

A deep, greenish yellow. This calm appearance gives way to a riot of flavour.

Carbon impact...

Our carbon cost ~ 1.27 kg CO2e per 15 ct pack.

Our carbon capture investment ~ 4.00 kg CO2e per 15 ct pack.

Net impact ~ we remove 2.73 kg CO2e from the atmosphere with every Revitalising Tea 15 ct pack.

Additional notes

The menthol in the mint activates cold-sensing receptors on the tongue to generate a cooling effect in the mouth.

Liquorice, literally translated as ‘sweet root’, has a sweet aromatic profile. It’s a unique, strong taste so a little goes a mighty long way.

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