Classic Darjeeling Tea Pack image
40g (2.0g x 20 bags)
Also available in value packs 100g (2.0g x 50 bags)

Classic Darjeeling

A delicate, light tea that packs in loads of aroma and flavour. Zesty freshness gives way to a floral, warm finish. A tea to be enjoyed in the afternoons or early evenings (but don’t let us tell you when to drink it).

What’s in the bag?

100% organic and Fairtrade Darjeeling tea leaves selected only from the first and second flush.

Standard pack size: 40g (2.0g x 20 bags)
Also available in value packs 100g (2.0g x 50 bags)

The perfect brew will be…

A deep golden-orange hue with delicate red hints. A warm sunset to savour and reflect on your day.

Carbon impact...

Our carbon cost ~ 1.37 kg CO2e per 20 ct pack.

Our carbon capture investment ~ 4.00 kg CO2e per 20 ct pack.

Net impact ~ we remove 2.63 kg CO2e from the atmosphere with every Classic Darjeeling 20 ct pack.

Additional notes

As its name suggests, Darjeeling tea comes from the high Darjeeling hillsides of West Bengal. Our own tea masters personally review and select the finest harvests for taste and purity.

The first flush is harvested in March and these teas are delicate and floral with hints of spice. The second flush is harvested in June for its bolder and more lively character. The right blend of these two distinct flavours is magical.

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