Energising Tea
30g (2.0g x 15 bags)
Also available in value packs 80g (2.0g x 40 bags)

Energising Tea

A freshly awakened tea. Wonderfully clean, crisp tastes are complimented by light floral overtones. The perfect kick start to your day.

What’s in the bag?

A beautiful blend of ginseng, hibiscus, apple, lindenflower and leaves, orange peel and rosehip.

Standard pack size: 30g (2.0g x 15 bags)
Also available in value packs 80g (2.0g x 40 bags)

The perfect brew will be…

A clear, vivid red. An intriguing depth in both taste and smell.

Carbon impact...

Our carbon cost ~ 1.11 kg CO2e per 15 ct pack.

Our carbon capture investment ~ 4.00 kg CO2e per 15 ct pack.

Net impact ~ we remove 2.89 kg CO2e from the atmosphere with every Energising Tea 15 ct pack.

Additional notes

Ginseng is a dietary herb that has been used across Asia for centuries. It is thought to help alleviate tiredness and restore vitality.

Hibiscus flowers are not only beautiful but they have a tart flavour and high vitamin C content.

Linden comes from lime trees. The aromatic, volatile oil in the flowers provides a strong, sweet, soothing
floral flavour.

Apples were first cultivated over 4,000 years ago. A deliciously ancient fruit, they remain a staple in our
fruit bowls today.

Oranges account for 70% of citrus production. The distinctive bitter, citrus flavour comes from the oil in the peel.

Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant. As with the flowers that preceded them, the rosehip has a delicate floral flavour that is slightly sweet with a distinctive aftertaste.

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